CHAT: Al-leyah Gonzalez

15 year old Al-leyah is currently enrolled in a DIY art and design class at her North Philly high school. She has dreams of one day creating a t-shirt line. 

VL: How do you think growing up in Philly has affected your art? 

Al-leyah: Growing up in Philly affects my art because wherever you go, there is art, and a lot of my friends do art. 

VL: Where are some places that you see art in Philly? 

Al-leyah: There is this mural right where the Save-A-Lot is…you see murals everywhere in Philly.

VL: Who are the women in your illustrations? 

Al-leyah: When I illustrate, I like drawing all types of women like other worldly women to women who actually exists. One of my favorite styles of art is portraits. 

VL: Do you have a desire to ever create fashion or apparel? 

Al-leyah: Yes. I want to make a line of t-shirts. This dream came about because I love sharing my art with others and I have always wanted to make my art profitable…so that was one of the ways I was thinking I could make my idea possible.